Miguel Olazábal

Miguel Olazábal Arquitectos

THE STUDIO OLAZÁBAL was founded in 2010 when architect Miguel Olazábal moved on from the GEOARQUITECTOS S.L. studio which he co-founded and where he worked from 1996 in the fields of architecture and urban planning.
The Olazábal Studio has an international presence based on a wide experience of projects planned and carried out in the residential, retail and cultural fields, offering urban design and complete architectural solutions for the public and private sectors.


The projects develop based on a consistent philosophy, without predetermined ideas, resulting in buildings specifically designed for context and the required function.
The studio's work is founded on pursuit of excellence in the design, control and execution of projects, producing unique architectural quality and attention to detail.
Miguel Olazábal is actively involved in the design and supervision of each project, from the initial drawings and project development through to construction and completion, maintaining constant individual communication with the client, building contractors and users, producing optimum results within a synthesis of design, beauty and functional integration.